How to Set Up Shopify Shipping

How to set up Shopify Shipping

How to Set Up Shopify Shipping

Shipping is an important part of online Shopping websites. In this post, we will discuss on how to set up shopify shipping. In Shopify we can setup shipping rates using two methods:

  1. Manual Shipping Settings
  2. Shipping Settings using Shipping Apps

This tutorial is for setting shipping rates and zones manually in shopify. This method can be used for any countries. It doesn’t matter whether you are from UAE or from UK. You can setup domestic and international shipping rates.

Create Shopify Shipping Zone

The first step is to create shipping zone. You can goto Settings > Shipping and delivery > Create shipping profile > Create Shipping Zone in Shopify Admin Panel.

Create Shopify Shipping Zone

Add Shipping Rates

After creating Shipping Zones, you can add rates for shipping. It can be added either based on order price or weight. You can create different ranges of shipping. For example like AED 0 to AED 100 Shipping rates as AED 10 and AED 101 to AED 500 AED 20. This can also be done for weight basis. You can have the rates for 0 KG to 10 Kg. And 10.5 KG to 25 KG like that.

Add Shipping Rates Shopify

Video Tutorial on how to set up Shopify Shipping

Our Shopify Experts have created a video tutorial on how to set up Shopify Shipping.

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