How To Add Discount Code Abandoned Checkout Email in Shopify

abandoned checkout email

How To Add Discount Code Abandoned Checkout Email in Shopify

For owners of online stores, abandoned carts are a typical problem. Consumers add products to their baskets, become preoccupied, and forget about them. But worry not, owners of Shopify stores! An effective tool in your toolbox for preventing cart abandonment is the abandoned checkout email.

This blog post delves into the world of abandoned cart emails, specifically focusing on the effectiveness of adding discount codes to them.

Follow these simple steps: Add Discount Code Abandoned Checkout Email in Shopify

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications.

This is where you’ll find all your email notification settings, including the one for abandoned checkouts.

2. Click on “Abandoned checkout.”

This will open the settings for your abandoned checkout email.

3. Click on “Edit code.”

This is where you’ll edit the HTML code for your email. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a coding whiz!

4. Add a new div with the discount code and the link to the discount code.

Here’s the magic part! Insert a new <div> element into the email code. Inside this element, add your discount code and a link to your store where the code can be applied. You can style the code and link with inline CSS to make them stand out.

For example, you could add something like this:

abandoned checkout email

5. Preview the email to see how it looks.

Before sending your email to the world, make sure it looks good! Click the “Preview” button to see how your email will appear to customers.

6. Send a test email to yourself.

Always test your emails before sending them out to your entire customer base. Send a test email to yourself to ensure the discount code and link are working correctly.

7. Click on the discount code in the email and go to your cart.

Once you’ve received the test email, click on the discount code and see if it takes you to your cart with the discount applied. This will confirm everything is working as intended.

Check out the YouTube video linked below for a detailed guide on adding discount codes to your abandoned cart emails in Shopify!


In conclusion, You can turn your abandoned your-cart emails from being merely helpful reminders into effective sales tools by putting these tactics into practice. Recall that regaining lost sales and increasing your profit margin may be achieved with a carefully thought-out email coupled with an attractive discount coupon.

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