Why your Shopify Store’s product pages are not getting indexed on Google?

Why your Shopify Store’s product pages are not getting indexed on Google?

When you create an online store and make it live, what you wish to have is that your product pages appear on Google and you get more traffic from them. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen with all of your website pages. Some pages don’t get indexed by Google and therefore they won’t be appearing in Google searches or other feeds. Contact Experts in Shopify for all Ecommerce services, we are a leading E-Commerce Development Company in Dubai.

Your website is not the only one that faces this issue, there are thousands of other E-Commerce websites that face the same issues.

These might be some of the reasons behind the issue.

1. Pages are not Mobile Friendly

A website that is not mobile-friendly has less probability of getting visible on Google. The Google policies and ranking factors have changed drastically and now it is required to make all websites mobile-friendly.

Websites that are not mobile-friendly will be tough for viewing for the customers because of different misplaced elements,  wrong size images, etc.

2. Page has loading issues

Pages that have loading issues won’t easily get indexed on Google. Every page should be checked and ensured that they get response code 200 in order to appear on Google. The page speed is also an important factor, make sure that your website loads fast without any issues. There are many online tools to check the mobile-friendliness and the speed of the website.

3. Page Has Redirects

If your product pages are being redirected to other pages, then they will face issues in getting indexed. To fix this issue, the redirect from the pages needs to be removed.

4. Page set to Noindex, Nofollow

Pages that have meta robots code set to Noindex and nofollow will never be crawled by the Google bot and spiders. This code is set so that the spiders skip crawling and indexing these pages. These are required only for pages that need not be made public on Google like admin pages, checkout pages, etc.

5. Lack of sitemap

Sitemap is a xml file that has all the links of pages on the website. It is an essential part of Technical SEO. A sitemap tells the spiders/crawlers what all pages need to be indexed. After creating and uploading a sitemap on your website, it needs to be uploaded into the Search Console for faster indexing.

Are you planning to create an E-Commerce website or are you facing any issues with your E-Commerce Website?, feel free to contact Experts in Shopify, the leading E-Commerce Development Company in Dubai, UAE for all E-Commerce Services. We are a team of experienced Shopify Developers based in UAE. Contact us to know more.

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