Why Is Shopify The Most Preferred E-Commerce Platform?

Why Is Shopify The Most Preferred E-Commerce Platform?

Shopify is the most preferred E-commerce platform across the world due to its many features and easy customization.

Let us check some of the features that make Shopify a popular E-Commerce Platform.

1. Easy To Set Up

A Shopify website is not complicated as the other E-Commerce platforms, it can be easily set up and customized. That’s why it is preferred by most E-Commerce developers. It also has built-in themes from which you can choose to build your website.

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2. Mobile Responsive

The most important feature of any website will be its mobile responsiveness. If the website is not mobile-friendly, it will be nothing less than a disastrous website. And, this is very important in the case of a Shopping website. Studies say that the majority of online sales come from mobile devices. So, it is very important to make sure that your online store is responsive across different devices like mobiles and tablets.

3. Highly Secure and reliable

Shopify is undoubtedly the most secure E-Commerce Platform available currently. It has advanced level of security features that makes the website safe from all malpractices like hacking, phishing, etc. All the Shopify stores are PCI compliant. All the payments and business data remain safe on the website. Contact the best Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai, Experts in Shopify for all E-Commerce services!

4. Free Marketing Tools

Creating an attractive and interactive website is not enough. It needs to be marketed very well in order to reach a wider audience. Shopify has enough tools to do this job. It comes with many marketing tools for all your needs such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, etc. It has many free as well as paid tools for marketing purposes.

5. Multiple Payment Gateways

Through Shopify, you can add multiple payment gateways to your Website so that the customers can prefer their mode of payment. You can easily enable card payments and other online payments like PayPal. The availability of multiple payment options increases the chances of sales from the customers.

6. 24*7 Customer Support

The customer support provided by the Shopify team is unexceptional. It can clear all your doubts and give you assistance 24*7. Customer support is available in different options like Chat, Call, and Email. Also, the customer support is available in different languages.

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Shopify is the most preferred E-Commerce platform if you are planning to create an Online Store for your business. Contact Experts in Shopify, the professional Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai, UAE for all your Shopify services.

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