How Artificial Intelligence Makes Shopify Smarter?

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How Artificial Intelligence Makes Shopify Smarter?

Shopify is an advanced platform for E-Commerce stores. It is a popular platform and widely used across the globe because of its unique features and tools.

The latest trend in Shopify is the apps that use Artificial Intelligence. It is very clear that Artificial Intelligence is the future. AI is found everywhere in our daily lives and many Shopify apps also make use of it to work with your data and analytics in many different ways. You can achieve a lot more from your Shopify store using such advanced AI-Powered Apps.

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The whole shopping experience has changed because of AI in E-commerce. Many companies make use of AI apps to boost their online store. With the help of such apps, you can improve in many areas like product recommendations, video creation, SEO, email marketing, social media, etc.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Apps That you must check out:

MorphL AI

MorphL AI is an app that provides you with depth access and different machine learning models that can be used in your customer’s buying cycle. You can find decision-making and different customer buying experience which can be used to reach out to potential customers.


Videofy is an AI app that allows you to create unique and attractive videos by using images and metadata. Through such videos, you can keep your customers in your store for a long time and thus the chances of converting into a sale are high.


Signifyd is a very useful application that helps to detect and prevent fraud and other such events. E-Commerce stores are not free from fraud and malpractices, so the owners need to be vigilant about any suspicious activity happening on the website.

Signifyd is powered by Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data to track the activities that occur on the website. They are able to detect any fraudulent activities happening on your website.

AC Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is an easy marketing technique to reach new potential customers and also be in contact with old customers. Through this app, Email marketing is made much simpler. You can send personalized emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts to get back them on the website and turn them into sales.


Recart connects to Facebook Messenger and communicates directly with the customers. This can help in growing your customer base. Through this app, you can send reminders for abandoned carts, order receipts, product location, etc.

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