Why is Email marketing important for E-Commerce Websites?

Why is Email marketing important for E-Commerce Websites?

Email marketing is a method of using email to promote products and services to existing or new customers. It is a proven strategy that helps in increasing user engagement.

Top reasons to use Email Marketing for your online store

1. Email Marketing is Efficient

Email marketing for Online Stores is an efficient method for promoting your online store. Studies say that on average, around 10% of the users check the website and make purchases after seeing a promotional email. It is also a strategy to build loyal customers.

2. Affordable marketing strategy

Email marketing is an online marketing strategy which is not costly. There are many platforms that enable users to use their services at affordable prices. There are platforms in which you need to pay the price only when they open the email. Email marketing is a budget-friendly marketing method than all other popular marketing methods like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, etc. If you have a proper database of your customers and potential customers, use them to improve your sales and conversions.

3. Emails are customizable

The email marketing platforms allow the creators to customize their emails according to their needs. You can also add the names of your customers to the email to make them feel happier, which in turn might lead to a valuable sale.

4. Measurable form of marketing

You can easily track the status of Emails that are sent through online platforms. They provide detailed statistics and analytics through which you can improve your marketing. You can easily view the number of people who opened, clicked the URL, etc. Through these statistics, you can understand the behaviour of the users.

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5. Improves Brand Awareness

Online stores usually make use of different social media platforms to grow their brand awareness, but Email marketing is a method that should be made use of for better results. Email marketing is a cost-effective method for improving your Brand awareness. You can grow your customer database and use that for Email Marketing.

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