Sell your products on YouTube through Shopify Integration

Sell your products on YouTube through Shopify Integration

Youtube has announced a new feature through which you can integrate your Youtube channel with Shopify and sell your products online. Through this, the customers can make purchases on youtube itself instead of visiting the online store, which makes the shopping experience convenient and simple.

The latest partnership between Youtube and Shopify will allow their creators to display their products and services throughout their channels in different spaces like below their videos, during live streaming videos or at the end of the videos, etc. The creators can tag or pin different products at different points in their live streaming sessions for engaging the customers. Audiences can easily check out while watching the video.

The youtube creators can link their Shopify stores with Youtube and make use of this latest feature.

For E-commerce business owners that use Shopify stores, this partnership unlocks a new potential for their business growth. The detailed report about sales and orders will be available in the Shopify admin section. You can easily track and analyse your store’s performance with a wide range of metrics provided by Shopify and boost your sales.

However, not all channels can make use of this innovative feature. The channels that meet the following criteria are only eligible to connect their Shopify store to Youtube:

  • Channel is approved for monetization by YouTube
  • The creator should be based in an eligible country or region
  • Channel should have 10K subscribers
  • Channel’s audience is not set as “made for kids”
  • Channel should not violate any Youtube monetization policies.

The process of integrating Shopify with YouTube is simple. After installing the Google Channel in Shopify and linking it with your Youtube account, you can easily select and add your product catalogue to your videos.

Products will be synced instantly with the videos available on your Youtube Channel displaying the prices, names and other features. In case of any doubts, you can feel free to contact the customer support of Shopify which is available 24×7, you can clear doubts in different languages.

Shopify’s latest feature is definitely going to change the shopping experience in the coming future.

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