CASE STUDY: How We Migrated Al Ain Club Official Store From Magento To Shopify

Al Ain Club Official Store

CASE STUDY: How We Migrated Al Ain Club Official Store From Magento To Shopify

Brand overview

Al-Ain Football Club is a top professional football club based in UAE’s city, Al Ain. The club was founded 53 years ago. It is a part of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club which also has many other sports sections. Al-Ain is one of the most successful clubs in the UAE. They mainly participate in the UAE Pro League.

Their online store consists of their merchandise, they have official kits for adults as well as kids, different clothing apparel for men, women, kids, and infants. You can also shop for other items like watches, bags, socks, perfumes, etc on their website.

Al Ain Club Official Store

The challenge

The previous online store of Al-Ain was made in Magento platform. They were facing many difficulties with this website. They were also lacking a good user experience. Security concerns regarding Magento platforms were also increasing. So, our professionals decided to migrate the website from Magento to Shopify so that their business can have more flexibility and better sales.

When the selection to migrate to Shopify is made, now we need to take care of the migration process and look out for the upcoming challenges. Like any other platform migrations, migration from Magento to Shopify also requires some effort. First, we need to evaluate the website and ensure what all functionalities and structures are required for the new website so that you can avoid transferring unwanted functionalities into your new e-commerce store.

While preparing for the migration, it should be made sure that all the necessary data are migrated and nothing is left behind. During the process of migration, it should be ensured that all the necessary contents and data are moved without any data corruption.

Check out the latest website:

Steps for migrating from Magento To Shopify

1. Set up a Shopify Account

2. Create a Backup of Your Store

3. Download the Store Import App

4. Export Data From Magento

5. Import Data to Shopify

6. Review Imported Data

7. Design Your New Shopify Store


 Migrating to Shopify will be a great choice if you are running an online store. Shopify is the perfect e-commerce platform for merchandisers. Shopify was developed to help online stores of all different sizes to take their business to new heights and boost their business. The process of migration from Magento to Shopify is going to be very simple and not complicated.

There are multiple benefits to Shopify migration. After migrating to Shopify you will be getting an online store that needs less effort to maintain. This means lower maintenance costs when compared to other leading E-Commerce platforms.

Also, the customer support provided by Shopify is excellent, you get to clear your doubts and ask for help 24×7.

You have access to different efficient sales tools at no extra cost. Also, there is a huge collection of apps and add-ons for your different purposes.

Can easily customize themes without much coding. You also have the option for different payment gateways.

Experts in Shopify, is one of the top Shopify Development companies in Dubai, UAE. Our experienced team of Shopify developers and experts can provide you with all e-commerce solutions whether it is from creating an online store, minor customizations, migrations, etc. Contact us now for knowing more and get a free quote.

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