How Shopify Store Credit Could Boost Your Sales

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How Shopify Store Credit Could Boost Your Sales

We’ll talk about Store Credit, a future Shopify feature, in this blog article. Similar to a wallet, Store Credit enables users to make purchases using a credit amount that is kept in their account. This functionality, which will resolve a constraint that certain Shopify customers previously encountered, is anticipated to be delivered soon.

Using Store Credit at Checkout

A customer will see an extra option to apply Store Credit when they go to the checkout page. The credit amount will be subtracted from the total order value after it has been chosen.

Here’s how to use Store Credit at checkout:

  • Enable New Customer Accounts: Make sure the “New Customer Account” option is selected in your Shopify settings. Customers will no longer need to generate passwords to check out. Rather, they will get an email with a login link.
  • Logging in at Checkout: The consumer will provide their email address at checkout to generate a special code. With the help of this code, they may log in and finish the transaction in place of a password.
  • Store Credit Visibility: Only when there is a credit balance on the customer’s account will the Store Credit option become available.

Adding Store Credit to Customer Accounts

Store Credit can be added to customer accounts manually by a Shopify admin. Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to Customers: Navigate to the “Customers” area of the Shopify admin console.
  • Select Customer: Choose the customer you want to add Store Credit to.
  • Add Store Credit: Choose the desired credit amount and optionally enter an expiry date. 

Adding Store Credit via API

The ability to add Store Credit using the Shopify API. This allows developers to integrate Store Credit functionality into their apps. Here’s a simplified explanation of the process:

  • Provide Customer ID: The Shopify API will get the customer’s unique ID from the developer’s app.
  • Specify Credit Amount: The amount of Store Credit that will be credited to the customer’s account will be specified by the app.

Watch the video below to understand more about enhancing your sales strategy with our in-depth on Shopify’s Store Credit new feature:


In conclusion, One important upcoming feature for Shopify stores is Store Credit. It improves the consumer experience, creates avenues for marketing, and gets rid of a barrier that certain customers had before. Store Credit capability may be further expanded to offer an even more complete and user-friendly experience with the aid of Shopify applications that make use of the API.

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