Shopify Flow: How To Automate in Shopify

shopify flow

Shopify Flow: How To Automate in Shopify

Shopify Flow is a powerful Shopify tool that lets you automate processes in your business without requiring any code. This may help you increase your bottom line, streamline your operations, and save a substantial amount of time and work.

In this blog post, we’ll cover a detailed tutorial on using Shopify Flow to receive alerts whenever a certain discount code is applied.

What is Shopify Flow?

You can automate operations in your store without knowing any code by using Shopify Flow, a software from Shopify. With it, you can design processes that start working when specific things happen, like a new order being placed, a product being abandoned, or a consumer subscribing to your newsletter.

How to Use Shopify Flow to Get Notified When a Specific Discount Code is Used

  • Create a discount code. In your Shopify admin, go to Discounts and create a new discount code. Give it a memorable name and code, and set the discount amount and other options.
  • Create a workflow. In Shopify Flow, click on “Create workflow“.
  • Choose a trigger. The trigger is the event that will start the workflow. In this case, we want the workflow to start when a discount code is used, so select “Order created” as the trigger.
  • Add a condition. A condition is an optional step that allows you to filter the orders that will trigger the workflow. For example, you might only want to send an email if the order is above a certain amount. In this case, we don’t need a condition, so leave this step blank.
  • Add an action. The action is what happens when the trigger and condition (if any) are met. In this case, we want to send an email, so select “Send email” as the action.
  • Configure the email. In the email configuration, you can enter the recipient’s email address, subject line, and body of the email. You can also use personalization tags to include information about the order, such as the customer’s name, email address, and order number.
  • Save the workflow. Once you’re happy with your workflow, click on “Save” to activate it.

In the below video, you will learn how to create a workflow that gets a notification when a specific discount code is used:


In conclusion, You may save time and effort by automating processes in your Shopify store with the aid of Shopify Flow, a strong tool. You may set up a workflow to be alerted when a certain discount code is used by following the instructions in this blog article. If you’re creative enough, you can utilize Shopify Flow to automate a lot of additional shop processes and increase the productivity of your company.

If you need help creating custom workflows, consider hiring a shopify expert.

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