Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Sales

Shopping Cart Abandonment dubai, uae

Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Sales

Shopping Cart Abandonment is a major problem faced by online stores globally. It happens when a customer adds products to their cart and exits the website without proceeding further.

Average eCommerce store loses around 65% of their sales because of cart abandonment. However, you can save your online store from this issue by taking of the things that cause the problems. Contact Experts in Shopify for all Shopify Development services in Dubai, UAE.

Shopping Cart Abandonment dubai, uae

Check out some of the reasons that you should take care to avoid cart abandonment.

1. High Shipping Costs

After a customer adds a product into their cart and proceeds to the shipping page they come across a shipping cost that is relatively high. This makes the customer think about further proceedings. People tend to leave the shipping page when they find high shipping costs.

2. Complicated Account Creation

Customers prefer a simple and not-so-complicated purchase process. However, in some stores, they put forward a complicated and confusing account creation in order to make a purchase. This might be irritating for certain customers and they might exit the website without making purchases.

3. Unavailability of preferred payment methods

Not all customers use the same payment method that is available on the website. They will be having different preferred payment methods. So try to keep all popular payment methods available on your website so that you won’t lose a valuable customer in the middle of a sale.

payment methods

4. Slow Shipping and delivery

The estimated delivery time will be mentioned during the process, if the customer sees a long delivery time of like 2 weeks they lose interest in buying the product. Customers prefer to get their products quickly as possible. A time period of 1-week won’t be an issue but if it is higher it will be a problem!

5. Payment security concerns

Security is the most important factor in an online store. Make sure you have all security features enabled on your website and especially on the payment page. If the users find any security messages from their browser while going through the payment option, they tend to leave the process in the middle.

Payment security concerns

6. Confusing checkout process

Always keep the checkout process simple so that the customers can understand and follow the procedure easily.

7. Poor Customer Care

Customer service should be given importance in e-commerce stores. Directly discussing the issues with the customers helps to improve the credibility and trustworthiness of the store.

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