Why Should You Redesign Your Old E-commerce Website?

Why Should You Redesign Your Old E-commerce Website?

There are many reasons to redesign your old e-commerce website. It is very important to understand the crucial role of your website in your customer acquisition and the overall impact that it has on your sales and revenue. For effective marketing, you should think from a customer perspective.

Some of the reasons why you should consider redesigning your website are:

1. You are not happy with your old website

If your website is old, you won’t be happy to give out your website address to others. A bad website will definitely hurt your business more than not having a website at all. Website is something that gives the perception of your company. If you think your website is old, it is time to consider redesigning. Our Shopify experts in Dubai can help your redesign your old website into a new one.

2. Website doesn’t reflect your brand well

For your business to be taken seriously and to be considered a professional, it is very important for your website to project a strong brand image to represent your company. A strong brand image can make your business stand out among other competitors.

3. Outdated website compared to the latest trends.

Since the design trends are changing every few years, a two or three-year-old website can look outdated when compared to other new websites. The latest design trends now include a flat design utilizing simple patterns that can cater to mobile as well as desktop users. This will also improve the user experience.

4. Not a responsive website

Responsive designs make a website easily adaptable to all screen sizes including mobiles. If you find that a large number of website visitors are coming from mobile devices then it is time for a responsive design. Your visitors may be using different devices like iPhone, Tablet, iPad, etc. A responsive design makes it possible for all devices to navigate and browse easily.

5. Website not optimized for search engines.

A website redesign can help you improve your site architecture and make it more SEO-friendly. Through this, you can change and add custom page URLs, H1, H2 tags, page titles, descriptions, and alt tags. This makes your website more Search engine friendly.


6. Website built on outdated technology.

If your old website was built-in flash, then it is difficult for search engines to read and access your website. Mobile compatibility is also affected badly. Also, your website will be running with plugins that are old and never updated. Updating your website with the latest technology and plugins can boost your website to perform in a better and more efficient way.

7. Improving your website security

If your website is made using old technology, then there are high chances that your security will be compromised. Cyber security is one of the greatest concerns in today’s world. If your website was built years ago with no security updations, then your website is at a high risk of malware and getting hacked.

If you are facing the above-mentioned issues and are looking to redesign your old e-commerce website into a brand new website with the latest design, we can help you. Experts in Shopify are the leading Shopify developers in Dubai, UAE, our experts can revamp your website and make it attractive with the latest technologies at the best price. Contact us now for knowing more about the procedure and pricing.

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