How To Use Shopify Order Routing To Optimize Fulfillment And Reduce Costs

Shopify developers, Shopify order routing

How To Use Shopify Order Routing To Optimize Fulfillment And Reduce Costs

If you’re a Shopify merchant with many warehouse and retail sites, you are likely familiar with the hassle of managing orders from various locations. Determine which locations are nearest to the consumer and which locations have the items in stock.

For online sales, it is crucial to ensure that orders are delivered to the appropriate warehouse. You may streamline your logistics and pass on savings to your consumers by making sure that your items are sent from the closest or most practical place. Thankfully, Shopify now offers intelligent order routing. When determining whether order fulfillment is optimized, Shopify will automatically verify whether fulfillment sites have available stock.

What Does Order Routing Mean?

The logistics of order shipping and warehousing are the focus of the internal order routing procedure used by e-commerce merchants. Choosing the most effective route to ship a customer’s purchase is part of this procedure. Usually, this is based on a predetermined set of guidelines, including delivery times, shipping prices, inventory levels, and other factors. In other words, client orders are optimized to ensure prompt delivery, minimal expense, and maximum effectiveness.

Shopify now offers intelligent order routing features. This innovative, potent tool aids in order delivery speed, cost-effective shipping, and process optimization. Order routing can let you expand more simply by automating your fulfillment process across various locations. For both your shop and customers, you may anticipate enormous advantages.

Advantages For The Customer

A few advantages for your clients might result from using effective order management.

  • Less expensive shipping

Costs of shipping are closely correlated with the distance between the warehouse and the client. Thus, Customers will see a decrease in delivery costs thanks to improved routing.

  •  Greater timely delivery

The quickest delivery times are the largest benefit for clients. Hence, Smart order routing will shorten the time it takes for an order to reach the consumer by choosing the closest distribution location.

Advantages For Shopify Merchants

Streamlining this procedure will also benefit you as a Shopify store merchant.

  • Scalability: As your business expands, order management complexity will also increase. Greater scalability won’t come at the expense of efficiency since you can be sure that inventory is arriving from the right places if your order routing is improved.
  • Cost Efficiency: The most cost-effective route for transporting orders offers considerable shipping and handling cost reductions. These will accumulate over time, putting more money in your pocket.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Offering clients quicker delivery dates and lower shipping costs can boost customer happiness since satisfied customers are repeat customers.
Shopify developers, Shopify order routing

Rules For Order Routing

There are three basic rules that come with the Shopify Order Routing capabilities by default. To suit your company’s needs, you may alter the order, add, or delete any of these rules.

  • Use ranked locations: List the places for fulfillment in order of priority. Depending on your prioritized order, orders will be despatched.
  • The nearest place for the shipment: Shopify determines the nearest location for fulfillment depending on the order’s shipping address and the delivery distance.
  • Minimize split fulfillments: Route the order to the location that fulfills all the inventory without splitting the order between locations.


In conclusion, The Smart Order Routing feature of Shopify is a strong tool that may help you increase fulfillment productivity and customer satisfaction. Moreover, Smart Order Routing enables you to lower shipping costs, speed up delivery times, and boost customer happiness by automatically routing orders to the best location.

If you need help setting up or using Shopify’s Smart Order Routing, you can contact the Shopify developer from ExpertsInShopify.Our experienced team of Shopify developers can provide you with specialized e-commerce solutions.

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