How to use Metaobjects Shopify

shopify meta-objects

How to use Metaobjects Shopify

Shopify meta-objects are a powerful tool that can help you add rich, structured information to your product pages, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales.

In this blog post, we will show you how to use meta-objects to add size charts to your Shopify store. We will also discuss some other ways that you can use meta-objects to improve your product pages.

What are meta objects?

In essence, metaobjects are data containers. They provide you the option to keep product-related data apart from the actual product description. You can utilize the data in various ways, such as making unique product pages or size charts, and it also makes managing and updating your product data simple.

How to create meta objects

To create a meta-object, you will need to go to the Shopify admin panel. Then, click on the “Content” tab and select “Meta objects.” From there, you can click on “Add definition” to create a new meta-object.

When you create a meta-object, you will need to give it a name and a type. You will also need to define the fields that will be included in the meta-object. For example, if you are creating a meta object for size charts, you might include fields for size, chest width, waist size, and hip size.

How to link meta-objects to products

You may link a meta object to goods once you’ve generated it. Navigate to the “Metafields” tab on the product page to accomplish this. Next, select “Add metafield.”

In the “Meta field definition” dropdown menu, pick the meta object that you wish to link to the product. Next, fill up the meta object’s fields with their respective values. For instance, you would input the product’s size, waist size, hip size, and chest breadth if you were tying a size chart meta-object to it.

How to show metaobject data on your storefront

You may display the data on your storefront once you have connected meta-objects to your items. You must update your theme in order to accomplish this.

You may use Liquid in your theme code to retrieve the information from your meta items. Afterward, you may utilize this information to make unique product pages, sizing charts, and other features that will be beneficial to your clients.

This video provides a comprehensive overview of Shopify meta objects, making it an invaluable resource for any store owner looking to elevate their product pages and engage their customers. 


Shopify has introduced an effective fresh feature called meta-objects that may help you enhance your product pages and provide your consumers with additional information. 

Are you prepared to use meta-objects to your Shopify store’s full potential? To learn more about our Shopify development services and how we can assist you in developing a successful meta-object strategy, visit our website right now.

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