How to Remove Add to Cart from Shopify Product Page Dawn Theme

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How to Remove Add to Cart from Shopify Product Page Dawn Theme

Do you have any items that customers need to enquire about or customize before they may buy them? If that’s the case, you might not want to have the standard “Add to Cart” button on their website. We’ll demonstrate in this blog article how to design a product page in the Shopify Dawn theme without any extra purchase components like the “Add to Cart” button.

Creating an Inquiry Product Template

  1. Go to your store’s website and select “Customize.”
  2. Click on “Products” and then “Create Template.”
  3. Name the template something like “Inquiry Products” and select the “Default Product” template as the base.
  4. In the new template, remove the unwanted elements like variant options, quantity selector, “Add to Cart” button, share button, and care instructions.
  5. Save the template.

Assigning the Inquiry Template to a Product

  1. Go back to your product page and select the product you want to update.
  2. Choose the “Inquiry Products” template you recently made under “Theme Template.”
  3. Save the product.

Adding an Inquiry Form

  1. Go back to “Customize” and click on “Inquiry Products.”
  2. Click on “Add Block” and then “Forms.”
  3. Select the form you want to use for inquiries. You can create a new form in the Shopify Forms app.
  4. Paste the form ID into the “Form ID” field.
  5. Save the block.

Previewing and Customizing the Inquiry Form

  1. Refresh the product page. You should see the inquiry form displayed instead of the “Add to Cart” button.
  2. You can customize the form further by adding or removing fields, changing the text, and adjusting the layout.

Watch the video below to understand Simplified with a step-by-step guide on how to remove the ‘Add to Cart’ button from your Shopify product pages.


In conclusion, When selling items that need closer user engagement, creating product pages without an “Add to Cart” button can be a terrific approach to generate leads and customize the sales process. You can start turning more website visitors into leads by creating inquiry forms for your Shopify Dawn theme with ease by following the instructions in this blog article.

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