Use WhatsApp Business To Grow Your Shopify Store

Use WhatsApp Business To Grow Your Shopify Store

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application that is used by billions of people across the globe. Its lightweight, easy-to-use features, and simple interface are some of its highlights. Through WhatsApp Business, you can set up a profile for your business with an image, description, location, and website links. It is available on all different platforms both mobile devices and desktops.

WhatsApp Business is mainly targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. If properly utilized, it can easily propel your business growth.

WhatsApp has a huge potential for Businesses!!

Using WhatsApp Business to reach out to more consumers and manage their requests is a fantastic idea. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should integrate your Shopify Store with WhatsApp Business.

1. It is always free

WhatsApp is absolutely free to download and use. They won’t charge anything from the users. This also makes the application more popular.

2. Easier to reach your customers

WhatsApp provides an easy and quick method to reach out to your customers. You can clear their doubts, and give announcements about the latest updates from your business or online store.

You can also set automated responses to your customers in case you are not available at that time. Through WhatsApp, you can also schedule messages.  24×7 Efficient customer support can be provided to your customers with WhatsApp Business.

3. Your Customers will definitely be using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications used by people across the globe. Almost everyone has this tiny application installed on their phone. It means that your customers are just a click away. Customers can easily ask and clear their doubts and enquire through WhatsApp at any time.

4. Powerful tool for Marketing your Business

WhatsApp is a proven powerful tool for marketing your business online. You can easily forward messages like Promotions, Offers and announcements to hundreds of people and also to different groups.

5. Showcase your products and services

WhatsApp Business allows online stores to market and sell different products and services through features like WhatsApp Business Catalog and WhatsApp Cart. You can highlight the offers with descriptions and prices. Once your customers are interested in buying any product you offer they can send a single message and make an order. It is as easy as that!

6. Can Easily be Integrated to Shopify Store

WhatsApp can easily be integrated to Shopify Stores and the customers can message you directly just by clicking the whatsapp icon on the website.

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