Importance Of Product Descriptions And How To Write Engaging Product Descriptions

Importance Of Product Descriptions And How To Write Product Descriptions That Drives Sales

Importance Of Product Descriptions And How To Write Engaging Product Descriptions

Have you ever seen an enticing description next to a product that convinced you to buy it? Don’t you regularly review a product’s features before making a purchase?

A product description is text that appears next to a product when it is listed on a website. Product descriptions are crucial since they make your online store and the products stand out from the competition.

What Is a Product Description?

Every business has products or services to provide. A product description presents the product in a profitable way to potential customers. In other words, a product description sums up your offering’s best qualities and persuades the customer to believe in you.

Why Are Product Descriptions Important?

Customers of today prefer to examine their options before making a purchase. According to Salsify, one of the top marketing research firms, 87% of online shoppers say that thorough product descriptions affect their decisions to buy.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell?

1. Identify your target audience

Identifying your target market is the first step in creating good product descriptions. You want to be able to determine which aspects your potential customers would find most interesting.

Understanding your buyer persona and a breakdown of the characteristics of your target clients is the first step in doing this. You may adjust your language and content to your target audience by using your buyer persona to discover which features will be most important to them.

2. Describe the benefits of the product.

It makes sense that you, as a store owner, are eager to discuss all the benefits of your offerings. You want to demonstrate that your product has the most exceptional features and specifications. The consumer, however, might not be very interested in the product’s dull characteristics. Instead, they are interested in how it will help them.

A factual claim about a product that offers technical details is referred to as a feature. Contrarily, a product benefit describes how the product can enhance the buyer’s quality of life.

3. Explain in Detail

A great product description should persuade the customer of its advantages, include all pertinent information, and strike an emotional chord.

4. Use a conversational tone and language.

It’s time to breathe some new life into your product descriptions if they don’t sound like something you would say to a friend. Your customer will feel more connected to your business if you utilise a natural toneā€”one that you would employ in a real discussion.

5. Use action words that sell

There are some words and expressions that human beings instinctively respond to emotionally. Fortunately for online store owners, this boosts sales as well. If you are aware of these words and phrases, you can convince your customers to buy more quickly. Some of the words are Amazing, Eye-opening, Spectacular, Stunning, Wondrous, Wonderful, Delight, etc.

6. Make it easy to read

Only 16% of what is on the page is really read since people have short attention spans. Therefore, your product description must be able to effectively catch that desired 16% of customers.

Include bullet points, brief paragraphs with only a few phrases apiece, plenty of white space, and diverse-size fonts in your product descriptions to make them scannable.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Almost all of the work you perform on your Shopify store should involve content optimisation for search engines. The simplest way to bring in new visitors to your website is through search engine optimisation (SEO), which is the first step in persuading someone to buy your products.

Final Thoughts

Based on consumer research, these guidelines have been shown to be successful in boosting online sales. The key lesson here is that you should focus on the key reasons why your product will make your customers’ lives better rather than overly pushing it in your product descriptions. Your sales will rise if you can persuade your clients of that.

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